Thursday, October 20, 2005

Open Government journal: some news

A few things to alert you about about the Journal I also edit:

I have some books available for review, please contact me if you are interested in reviewing or know anyone who might be.

We have articles planned on the following topics for 2006:

-Freedom of Information legislation and confidentiality
-Decision Notices in the UK
-Freedom of Information and Security Information in Australia
-Freedom of Information legislationin Germay
-Freedom of Information legislationin Africa
-Freedom of Information legislation and commercial information
-The FOI/DPA interface
-Freedom of information legislation and the decased

Please do promote and suggest the journal to potential authors. I'm particulalrly interested to hear from authors from New Zealand, Ireland and Canada

Proposed themed issue

As the journal moves into its second year it will be important to keep momentum going and I'm thinking about different ways to attract authors. I'm therfore planning to run a themed issue at some point in 2006: the idea I have at present is Freedom of Information and the European Union. If anyone would be willing to write or you know someone would be willing to write on this topic please let me know. I'm also interested to hear of any other ideas for themed issues.


Since issue two stats have enabled for the journal site: Since publication of issue 2 in August there have been 3100 article downloads from the site and 1776 unique visitors since August. This gives a good platform to build on to grow the readership next year.

Issue 3 of the journal should be out mid to late November

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