Monday, December 12, 2005

Scottish Information Commissioner

Two news releases from the SIC:

Monday December 12th
Third survey shows increased public awareness of freedom of information
"Public awareness of the rights provided under Freedom of Information legislation in Scotland is rising, and people are more likely to use its powers than at any time since its introduction nearly a year ago.

A new survey undertaken on behalf of the Scottish Information Commissioner found that people know more about the role of the Commissioner, the rights afforded by the Freedom of Information (Scotland) Act, and are more likely to request information from Scottish public authorities."

Thursday 8th December
Scottish Information Commissioner rules that mortality rates for all surgeons in Scotland should be released
"The Scottish Information Commissioner today (Thursday, December 8th 2005) announced that the Common Services Agency for the Scottish Health Service (CSA) should release information on the mortality rates of surgeons in Scotland since 2002/3. This includes for each named surgeon, his/her speciality, the hospital where they work, the number of patients operated on annually and mortality rates.

The decision was issued following separate appeals under the Freedom of Information (Scotland) Act by Mr Camillo Fracassini, of the Sunday Times and Mr Peter MacMahon of The Scotsman who queried the CSA’s original decision to withhold the requested information."

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