Monday, January 23, 2006

Press Release - ICO

Press release from the Information Commissioner's Office
Freedom of Information – One Year on
"A year after the Freedom of Information Act came into force, the majority of public authorities say that the Act is beneficial and is helping to create a culture of greater openness in the public sector. The findings come from a survey carried out among 500 public authorities by the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) as part of its review of the first year of the Act. Increased openness and transparency, better records management, improved accountability and improved relationships with the public were all highlighted in the survey as benefits of the Act. Three out of five respondents said that their organisation released more information to the public as a result of the Freedom of Information Act."

Read the full press release (PDF)

The ICO have also released: Freedom of Information Disclosures Media Coverage Snapshot: October 2005
"The following pages provide a snapshot of the media coverage generated by the Freedom of Information Act in October 2005, illustrating the breadth and volume of information being released. It has been divided into categories for ease of access."
Download (PDF)

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