Friday, February 24, 2006

International FOI

The Australian - High Court test case on Costello FOI
"The challenge, brought by The Weekend Australian's Freedom of Information editor Michael McKinnon, will have repercussions for the right of citizens to gain access to government documents. The appeal follows requests by McKinnon three years ago for access to secret government documents on income tax and the first-home buyers scheme."

Mexico Federal Institute for Access to Public Information and the Culture of Transparency
"With the support of the Hewlett Foundation, PGCS prepared a report on the IFAI and Mexico's Culture of Transparency. The final report was released on February 20, 2006...IFAI is an extraordinary institution that, in its infancy, is developing strong and pioneering mechanisms to enhance transparency of democratic processes in Mexico. It can do so for structural reasons that are absent in many other legal regimes, and also because of mechanisms of support from civil society, from stakeholders, and, to some extent, from international funders."
Download the report (PDF)

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