Thursday, April 13, 2006

International media update


Mercury News - House committee calls for less secrecy in federal agencies
"WASHINGTON - In a rare attempt to place restrictions on the executive branch, a House of Representatives committee has approved legislation that would remove secrecy veils from some government documents, ban government propaganda in the United States and limit lobbying by former government employees"

CNN - Judge blasts government secrecy
"The judge in the Zacarias Moussaoui trial ruled Friday that families of September 11 attack victims are entitled to the same unclassified aviation security documents the government turned over to the al Qaeda conspirator's defense team."

One world - Implementation of Free Access to Information Law Lacking
"In spite of the fact that over a year has passed since the entry into force of the Law on Free Access to Information in Serbia, its implementation has been weak and the citizens are largely uninformed about the rights they have under this Law."


Ministry of Justice - Finland - Transparency of European Union decision-making to increase during Finland’s Presidency
"One of the objectives of the Finnish Presidency of the European Union is to increase the transparency of the proceedings of the Council, the Union's main decision-making institution. Means of achieving this include promoting access to documents, ensuring efficient communications and enhancing the transparency of decision-making."

Government of Canada - Strengthening access to information legislation
"To promote a culture of openness and accessibility, the Government will strengthen access to information legislation."

Draft Bill on ATIA

Discussion Paper

Edmonton Journal - Alberta civil servant could face charges over doctored evidence
"In an unprecedented move, the province's information commissioner has asked a special prosecutor to determine whether an Alberta government employee should be charged for deliberately trying to mislead a public inquiry by submitting doctored evidence."

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