Monday, April 03, 2006

Latest decision

Case Ref: FS50065663
Date: 22/03/06
Public Authority: Farndon Green Medical Centre
Summary: Following a request for information related to the proposed development of a new surgery using a private developer the complainant alleged that some information had been withheld, including minutes of meetings, the Heads of Term and requests for financial assistance held by the developer on behalf of the Medical Centre. However, the Commissioner has found that the formal minutes of meetings had not been created. Some notes containing action points were made but these were destroyed once the matter had been dealt with and so at the time of the request no such notes existed. The Commissioner considers that some information in the Heads of Term, such as the proposed rent, was exempt under section 43 although other information should be disclosed. The private developer did hold information relating to the financial assistance that was available from the associated primary care trust; however, this information concerned its own negotiations regarding rental values and was held for its own commercial purposes rather than on behalf of the Medical Centre.
Section of Act/EIR & Finding: FOI s.43(2) - Complaint Upheld (in part)
Full Transcript of Decision Notice FS50065663

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