Monday, April 03, 2006

Public Partners

News release:

Public Partners has been restructured. I am delighted to be able to give you the link to the new site of P-PACT - Public Partners: Advice, Consultancy and Training which we hope you will bookmark and add to your favourites:

This new site has been designed to provide advice and guidance to everyone involved in Information Governance across the Public Sector. With comprehensive sections on the Law, Best Practice, Enforcement, and with the establishment of a Network across the UK and other up-to-the minute information, we feel it will provide the highest standards of support to all practitioners.

P-PACT also gives you the opportunity to access additional support through our support service, a successor to the Network for Information Professionals. FOI+ gives you access to

Network Mail - on line access to all other members of the subscription service and to the Expert Panel. We will be using this to notify you of round robin requests and of advice given relating to current issues

Benchmarking - providing much needed analysis of the decisions of both the Information Commissioner and the Information Tribunal to help youput your own decisions in perspective.

Helpline with 24/7 access to advice from our experts

Library services, with a regularly updated and comprehensive selection of presentations, practical scenarios, and articles for you to use.

FOI+ Specialist, Liz Cruse, who will be in regular contact with you.

Members also receive discounts for both bespoke and scheduled training as well as for consultancy.

If you wish to find out more about FOI+ go to or contact Liz Cruse on or on 0845 450 9449.

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