Thursday, April 13, 2006

Review of publication schemes

The ICO has set the following deadlines (scroll down) for the review of publication schemes:

Sector Submissions Accepted From Final Submission Deadline Scheme Active
Central Government 1st July 2006 30th September 2006 30th November 2006
Local Government 1st October 2006 31st December 2006 28th February 2007
Police and Prosecuting Bodies 1st February 2007 30th April 2007 30th June 2007
Health Service 1st June 2007 31st August 2007 31st October 2007
Education (except for maintained nursery schools), remaining NDPBs and publicly owned companies 1st October 2007 31st December 2007 29th February 2008
Other public authorities and maintained nursery schools 1st February 2008 30th April 2008 30th June 2008

A practitioner has contacted the blog to ask about how other public authorities in the first wave are approaching the review of their publication scheme and looking at greater integration with websites/sitemaps and information asset registers (re-use regulations), plus also use of the ISPV/LCS etc. I'm therefore posting this as a call for comments/advice on the approaches being taken (please add below or email to me). I will summarise in a posting at later date.

(further guidance should be coming from the ICO later this year)

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