Monday, May 22, 2006

FOI complaints data at the ICO

A blog reader has sent the results of an FOI request to the Information Commissioners's Office. The spreadsheet gives details of "all Freedom of Information complaints received by the ICO, giving reference number, date started, date completed, case type, case status, and which section of the Act is alleged to have been breached".

Download the excel file: temporarily

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Matthew Davis said...

There seens to be an error with this spreadsheet and I would not trust any of the data on it. I as John Connor Press Associates have an appeal against Sussex University due to be considered by the IC. It is numbered on the spreadsheet as 1755 and is from June last year. According to the sheet it has been closed and the my appeal was upheld. Well it's news to me, so I ran the IC office and asked them what was going on. They said they were still ploughing through April of last year's appeals and that my case against Sussex University had not been dealt with yet. I don't really know what to make of it....

Peter HOAR said...

This spreadsheet is seriously scrambled. There are several dozen duplicated case numbers with different and/or incorrect plaintiffs. eg FS50093384 2/11/05. There are also many contradictory or incorrect case outcomes as can be verified from ICO Decision Notices eg FS50076850 21/3/06. I recommend Heather Brookes' for a better looking caselist, tho' it is only up to mid Feb. I could use an up to date case list because the ICO has just blanked my FOI request about my case FS50086109 from August 2005. More to come. Peter HOAR

Johnny Doyle said...

I used Heather's original request to get this data - this is the second batch of data sent to me.

It's appalling data, badly formatted and out of date. If the ICO view this as their official list it is worrying.

It shows quite a large number of cases as being over 15months old and unresolved. My own case is now nearly 12 months in someones in tray with no movement. I'm sending a Birthday card into the ICO to file with my complaint.


Peter HOAR said...

Could Steve Wood please tell us urgently whether this caselist is considered original kosher ICO, or if it has been passed through someone else's hands and got scrambled since it left the ICO. I could mess up a list like this by accident or malish, and pass it off as genuine ICO if I was so minded. It is very upsetting for us waiting for our cases to be investigated, and it is very damaging to the ICO's public image whether it is genuine or not. Please can you withdraw it or replace it with the right stuff ASAP and advise. ps it seems from Johnny Doyles post that it might have been him passing on the ICO caselist. If so, he makes it clear it is real and has not been fiddled with. Peter HOAR