Monday, July 03, 2006

UNDP's Information Disclosure

From Al Roberts' Wiki:

The Commonwealth Human Rights Initiative has written to the United Nations
Development Programme, asking that it complete the processing of a request
for information received exactly two years ago.

The UNDP's Information Disclosure Policy, adopted in 1997, is widely
regarded as a model scheme for international organizations. But the policy
is largely inoperative. A request for information which I made in June 2004
has been before the UNDP's Oversight Panel, a body established to enforce
the Policy, since August 2004. The Panel has never rendered a decision
under the UNDP Disclosure Policy.

The free-expression group ARTICLE 19 also urged the UNDP to complete its
processing of this request in a February 2006 letter. The Bank Information
Center USA did the same in a May 2006 letter.

In April 2006, the UNDP issued a report that said it could "play an
important role in promoting right to information in a number of ways,"
inclluding compliance with its own disclosure policy.

Copies of the initial request, letters of support, and the UNDP report, can
be found at

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