Monday, August 21, 2006

Open Government: a journal on freedom of Information

August 2006
Volume 2 Issue 1 now available

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Table of Contents

Complete issue as one PDF

Steve Wood

The Official Information Act: A Window On Government Or Curtains Drawn?
Steven Price

Resarch: case study
Business confidentiality versus human health: the role of Japan’s information disclosure laws
Lawrence Repeta

Brief communications
Confidentiality and commercial interests—the verdict so far
Marcus Turle

Personal Privacy and the Right to Know
Ibrahim Hasan

Information is Power
Paul Kelly

Conference Reports
Scholarship & the Freedom of Information Act: Year One PDF
British Academy

Book reviews
Freedom of Information Handbook by Carey, P and Turle, M eds
Andrew Flinn

Open Government in a Theoretical and Practical Context by Chapman, RA and Hunt, M
Richard Martin

Blacked out: Governrment Secrecy in the Information age by Roberts, A
Thomas Susman

Freedom of Information Manual by Turle, M
Steve Wood

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