Thursday, August 03, 2006

Overseas FOI news

Daily Nation (Kenya)
"At the same meeting, the Government blocked attempts to introduce the Freedom of Information Bill in Parliament before it goes on recess. Its enactment would result in the repeal of the Official Secrets Act and also provide for the whistle blower protection. However, sources said the Government opposed attempts to have the Bill discussed. It also voted against another motion to replace members of the Kenya National Commission on Human Rights whose term has expired."

EU (European Union)- Transparency drive extends to EU structural funds
"The EU's current transparency drive challenges national governments with the new requirement to fully disclose information on recipients of EU structural funds. If the European Commission has its way, Member States will be asked to publish detailed data on the recipients, projects and amounts of structural aid cash they receive from the EU."

Bloomberg - Germany Releases Files on Lawmakers Ensnared by Stasi
"The German government released files on members of parliament who were ensnared by East German agents three decades ago, responding to criticism that the office overseeing the documents was blocking access."

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