Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Canada: Freedom of Information Audit 2006

Canadian Newspaper Association - 2nd National Freedom of Information Audit Reveals Major Barriers Remain
"Published in newspapers across Canada today, the CNA’s second National Freedom of Information Audit, which tested access to information systems in 10 Canadian provinces, shows that Canadians are likely to face unreasonable barriers in obtaining basic, uncontroversial information that should be readily available. Out of more than a hundred information requests submitted by reporters from 39 newspapers and the Canadian Press news agency, the information requested was denied or provided only in part in nearly one third (31%)."

Canadian Newspaper Association - Transparency Missing-in-Action from Federal Accountability Act
"It’s not too late for Parliament to ensure that the Federal Accountability Act (FAA) includes measures to improve transparency in government, for without transparency, accountability is impossible, the Canadian Newspaper Association (CNA) told a Senate committee reviewing the legislation today."

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