Friday, September 15, 2006

House of Commons issues certificate banning disclosure under the Freedom of Information Act

Heather Brooke has had a request for names and salaries of MPs staff paid refused by the House of Commons and for the first time the HoC has issued a certficate under S36. Under S36(7) a certicate issued by the HoC is conclusive.

Also see The Guardian

The decision is not yet on the ICO website, the concept of "fairness" under DPA does have an element of "public interest", given the breakdown of trust between MPs and the public, e.g Public 'has little trust in MPs'(BBC)surely the public interest in this situation overides the rights of secretaries who perhaps as junior staff in other public bodies would not normally be subject to such scruntiny, but then working in Parliament is not a normal job and with it comes unique responsibilities and issues?

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