Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Media roundup

Independent - The wrong climate for cutting greenhouse gases
"For all the Environment Secretary David Miliband's tough talk on tackling climate change, his department is about to come under attack from the environmental lobby. In the past financial year, Miliband's staff at the Department for the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs have clocked up fees of more than £1.75m on airline travel.According to figures obtained under the Freedom of Information Act, nearly £1m of that figure was spent on flights outside the EU, an increase of two thirds on the previous year. Around £255,000 of it was spent just on flights within the UK."

VNUnet - Civil servants struggling with move away from paper
"Nearly half of civil servants have admitted sending out wrong documentation, while some government departments still rely on paper rather than electronic documents, according to new research. The information management survey carried out by researcher YouGov on behalf of software supplier Hummingbird, suggests that Whitehall departments are struggling to meet efficiency and accountability targets."

The Guardian - Is there anybody out there? How the men from the ministry hid the hunt for UFOs
"The Ministry of Defence went to extraordinary lengths to cover up its true involvement in investigating UFOs, according to secret documents revealed under the Freedom of Information Act. The files show that officials attempted to expunge information from documents released to the Public Records Office under the "30-year rule" that would have revealed the extent of the MoD's interest in UFO sightings."

IC Scotland - Documents appeal partly upheld
"The Scottish Executive has been ordered to hand over communications it had with the Home Office over children held at an immigration detention centre. The ruling came from Scottish Information Commissioner Kevin Dunion, who said no "substantial" harm would be caused by disclosing the records. His decision partly upholds an appeal by SNP MSP Christine Grahame against the Executive's decision to withhold information she sought under the Freedom of Information Act."

BBC News - Drug 'administered too quickly'
"data obtained under the Freedom of Information Act by Dispatches revealed that the MHRA could have calculated the speed at which the drug should have been given."

The Herald (Scotland) - Britain spends £150m on mercenary bodyguards
"Britain has spent £150m on mercenary bodyguards for diplomats and other officials in Iraq and Afghanistan since 2003, according to figures obtained under the Freedom of Information Act."

Daily Telegraph - How David Beckham tried to control the National Portrait Gallery's use of his picture
"Beckham's portrait was unveiled in April 2004. Files released under the Freedom of Information Act reveal that he fought to secure copyright of the image and required the gallery and artist to sign contracts with him and his company, Footwork."

Regional News
Nowrich Evening News - Hospitals on the critical list
"Doctors and nurses at the Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital worked under “red alert”- the second highest danger status possible - 292 times between January 2005 and June 2006. The alert means wards and services are nearing capacity and measures to alleviate the strain could include cancelling planned operations, early discharge of patients and drafting in more staff....the figures, released to the Evening News under the Freedom of Information Act, show that the N&N was regularly placed under critical alert status throughout the year."

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