Thursday, September 21, 2006

Presentation given to FOI user group on the Clearing House

I've receieved a copy of the presentation referenced in the last meeting minutes of the FOI user group. Belinda Crowe, Head of Information Rights Division, Department for Constitutional Affairs, gave a presentation on the role of the Central Clearing House, the presentation sheds a little more light on the clearing house and we now know that it costs in excess of £500K a year to run and their rationale behind rejecting requests about cases in the CH database -"Parl created IC to enforce the Act, not individual requestors making requests about their own requests". The notes to the slides are also worth reading.

I have previously managed to get some information via an FOI request from the CH database about cases relating to MP requests. Also see Prof Al Roberts' notes about the clearing house and his article for Open Government - What's wrong with coordination?

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