Thursday, November 09, 2006

Information on beneficiaries of CAP payments

Transparency: Commission facilitates access to Member State information on beneficiaries of CAP payments

EC Press release

To further improve openness and access to information, the European Commission is publishing on its EUROPA website a page with links to Member State websites containing information about end-beneficiaries of payments under the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP). This step is part of the European Transparency Initiative (ETI) Full transparency should be ensured with the publication of all end-beneficiaries of CAP payments in line with the Commission's proposals introduced in the Financial Regulation. The Council has agreed to start this process from 2009, and discussions are still ongoing with the European Parliament.

Further information

Member State websites providing information on
beneficiaries of CAP payments under shared management:

Beneficiaries of Grants

Beneficiaries of Public Contracts

European Transparency Initiative

Modified proposal to the Financial Regulation

UK Background: Rural Payments Agency 2005 FOI disclosure of CAP payments

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