Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Tory plan to reveal expenditure

I've posted a few times recently about the fedspending.org website and database in the US and the recent Accountability & TransparencyAct passsed in the US to set a comprehensive expenditure database; the Tories are now making a push for one here in the UK. It will interesting to see if cross-party support develops, I do wonder whether the Treasury will baulk at the cost of such a project given the complexity of maintaining and managing the data, plus the current problems with large IT projects. It will also be important to follow closely any plans related to how the resuable the data will be - whether the raw data will available for others to reuse - free or at a cost. See my posts: on fedspending.org and US Accountability & Transparency Act. In the US the blogging community got heavily involved in lobbying for the Bill to passed.

See BBC News:
"The Conservatives will unveil plans to allow taxpayers to go online and find out how their money is being spent. Shadow chancellor George Osborne is publishing legislation requiring the Treasury to set up a website revealing every expenditure over £25,000."

Also see the Conservatives' website

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