Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Open Government: a journal on FOI latest issue

The latest issue of the Open Government Journal I edit is now available. The editorial contains the excellent news that we've received funding for the 2 years from the Open Society Institute. This should secure the future of the journal as open access, improve the scope of content and quality of the journal production. You can sign up for new issue alerts on the journal site.

Open Government: a journal on freedom of information
Vol 2, No 2 (2006)
Table of Contents

Steve Wood

Third Party Exemption: Discussion of the Issues and Suggestions for the
Implementation of the India’s Right to Information Act 2005 in Light of
the Canadian Experience
Marc-Aurele Racicot

Access to information in Switzerland. From secrecy to transparency
Martial Pasquier, Jean-Patrick Villeneuve

Evolution of freedom of information related law in Spain: new prospects for
a more open government
Jose Angel Martinez Usero

Brief communication
Confidential and commercially sensitive information – stopping public
Authorities releasing information in the UK (part 2 of a series of
articles, part 1 published in Volume 2 issue 1)
Marcus Turle

China progresses information access and data protection laws
Graham Sutton, Sarah Holsen

Book review
Hood, C & Heald, D (eds) (2006) Transparency: the key to better governance?
Mark Glover

4th International Conference of Information Commissioners
Opening Address
Lord Falconer

Secrecy versus Security: Heightened Security - The Challenge for FOI
John Belgrave

FOI: a European Perspective
P. Nikiforos Diamandouros

Secrecy vs security; the jigsaw effect
Andrew Vallance

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