Friday, January 26, 2007

FOI Practitioners: call for assistance with my research

I am currently asking FOI Practitioners to fill out a questionnaire about FOIA (2000) requests from Westminster MPs. I am asking for some basic data about these requests. Anecdotally I know that most you have not received vast volumes so I hope it would not take too much of your time to find the data. This survey aims to find out about requests made by Westminster MPs (in official capacity as elected representatives) to public authorities under the Freedom of Information Act 2000 since January 2005. The survey is concerned with requests made by MPs that explicitly identify themselves as such. If you have the data but would prefer to email me the data direct rather than using the web based questionnaire that will be great as well.

I am looking for responses for any public body covered by FOIA apart from central govt depts as I already adequate data from this sector. This forms parts of a research paper I have been working on for the past year and your assistance would be greatly appreciated.

********One lucky respondent will win the recently published text by Oxford University Press: Transparency: the key to better governance, edited by Christopher Hood & David Heald. Please leave your email address if you want to win this book ****

Access the questionnaire:

Background to the research: here and here

I would also ask if anyone is willing to forward this message to any other practitioner networks I do not have access to

Thanks for your assistance in advance


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