Thursday, February 01, 2007

Media update

Press Gazette - Freedom of Information Campaign breakthrough
"Press Gazette scored a significant breakthrough in its campaign to save the Freedom of Information Act this week as Government minister Baroness Ashton gave an assurance that new FoI regulations will not be rushed through."

The Guardian - commment is free - Maurice Frankel - Less is not more
"MPs have extraordinary control over freedom of information disclosures - they must not become exempt from the legislation via an undebated bill."

The Guardian - Harman breaks ministerial ranks over loss of public trust in attorney general
"The constitutional affairs minister, Harriet Harman, is to break ranks by arguing that public trust in the role of the attorney general has been undermined, and this should be addressed by requiring his legal advice, including on issues such as the legality of military action, to be published as a matter of course."

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