Thursday, March 29, 2007

ICO guidance updated

The ICO has updated a number of its FOI guidance documents on its web site. For your reference the updated documents are:

When is Information Caught by the FOIA?
(updated 26 Feb 2007)

Duty to confirm or deny (updated 2 March 2007)

Public interest test (updated 1 March 2007)

Vexatious and repeated requests - s. 14 (updated 1 March 2007)

Refusal notices - s. 17 (updated 26 Feb 2007)

Personal information - s. 40 (updated March 2007)

Guidance on court records (s. 32) and parliamentary privilege (s. 34) is currently under review.

Thanks to Richard Martin for flagging this up.

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Country Cottage said...

What would be useful if possible, would be details of what changes have been made (e.g. word xxxx deleted in Para y, new para zz added) that kind of thing.