Thursday, March 29, 2007

New consultation on fees regulations

The DCA today published a supplementary consultation paper on the draft fees regulations inviting views on the principle of amending the existing regulations. The consultation paper states:
"There have been over 200 responses to the consultation exercise, which closed on 08 March 2007, with a wide range of comments received. The responses to the consultation exercise will be published along with any responses to this paper in due course. Some of the responses received have commented on the principle of making these changes and other responses have stated they would have welcomed an opportunity to comment on the principle of the changes or have suggested that there may be better ways of tackling those cases which create a disproportionate burden on public authorities.

The Government wishes to make clear that it is keen to hear all those views, and it has therefore decided to issue this supplementary paper extending the original consultation. The Government invites responses on the points set out in this document and also any other general comments on the principle of making changes to the existing regulations or ways of tackling the problems identified. Those who wish to comment are asked to do so by 21 June 2007."
Read the supplementary consultation paper and accompanying DCA press release.

The Campaign for Freedom of Information has issued a press release welcoming the announcement.

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