Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Ibrahim Hasan's monthly podcast

This is the fifth episode of a monthly podcast programme, from Ibrahim Hasan, designed to bring busy practitioners up to date with the latest developments in Freedom of Information law.

In this episode Ibrahim discusses FOI decisions issued in February 2007 including:
  • the first Practice Recommendation issued by the Information Commissioner
  • the review of the Records Management Code of Practice
  • the disclosure of salary information
  • the release of ASBO information
  • access to dead peoples' information
  • the link between the Enterprise Act and FOI (useful to Trading Standards)
  • when a request can be treated as vexatious
  • AND the case of the speeding police bus
A number of these have a data protection angle to them.

There is also an interview with Susan Healy of the National Archives and comment and analysis from Tim Turner of Wigan Council.

Listen to the podcast. The direct raw feed is : http://informationlaw.jellycast.com/podcast/feed/5

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