Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Parliament to remain covered by FOI

'The Governance of Britain' Green Paper on constitutional reform published earlier this month has relatively little to say on freedom of information but did make it clear that Parliament would remain within the scope of the FOI Act:
"In 2000 the Government introduced the Freedom of Information Act, which was fully implemented in 2005. It has opened up the public sector to unprecedented scrutiny. Over 110,000 public bodies are covered by the Act, and importantly the House of Commons and House of Lords are among them. It is right that Parliament should be covered by the Act. The Government welcomes the recent debate about the confidentiality of MPs’correspondence with their constituents.The Secretary of State for Justice and Lord Chancellor will be working with the Information Commissioner in the coming weeks to produce guidance to public authorities to ensure that they apply the Act in a way that balances openness with the need to protect the privacy of constituents. "
Read the full document (pdf)

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Anonymous said...

Great place to always come back to for the accurate status.

I had lost track of this story, but glad to see that the HOC MP's will still be covered under the act.