Thursday, January 17, 2008

FOI Podcast episode 10

Ibrahim Hasan has asked me to post details of his latest podcast:
This is episode 10 of the UK’s first Freedom of Information podcast by Ibrahim Hasan. In November and December 2007, the Information Commissioner published forty five decisions whilst the Information Tribunal published fourteen.

In this episode, amongst other things, we will be discussing:

• A Tribunal decision on vexatious requests
• Whether the time taken to redact exempt information is an allowable cost
• Disclosure of information about anthrax stockpiles
• When advice to ministers should be disclosed
• Blue sky thinking and the section 36 exemption
• Disclosure of information contained in a dead person’s social work records
• AND legal advice about s & m

The podcast can be listened to by going to

The raw feed for those of you with RSS feed readers.

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