Friday, March 14, 2008

All MPs' claims may be published

BBC News
14 March 2008
Detailed expenses claims of all MPs dating back to 2004 look set to be published, the BBC has learned.

Most MPs can claim up to £23,000 a year towards the cost of a second home using the additional costs allowance (ACA).

The Commons has been ordered to publish details of 14 MPs' claims under Freedom of Information laws. Sources say all claims may be published by December.

The BBC has learned that Commons authorities have been advised there are no legal grounds to appeal against the information tribunal's decision.

It is likely they will be flooded with Freedom of Information requests for details of other MPs' claims and it is understood that senior MPs from all sides believe it would be better to publish all claims by the end of the year.

MPs can claim ACA to cover the costs of staying overnight away from their main home, including rent, hotel bills and mortgage interest payments.

Earlier the so-called "John Lewis list", used by Commons clerks as a guide to maximum prices MPs can claim per item, was published after another Freedom of Information request.

It showed MPs were allowed to claim up to £10,000 to install a new kitchen, up to £6,335 for a new bathroom and £750 for a television or stereo.

All MPs' claims may be published - BBC

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