Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Call for papers - Journal of Information Rights Law and Practice

Northumbria University which runs an LLM in Information Rights is inviting contributions for the Journal of Information Rights Law and Practice, which is about to be launched:
The Northumbria University Journal of Information Rights Law and Practice is a resource aimed at lawyers, academics and practitioners across the field of Information Rights Law. The Journal aims to provide an expert resource dealing with issues of data protection and security, access to information both under Freedom of Information and Environmental Information legislation, privacy, data sharing, information and records management and related issues. Contributions are invited, but are not limited to, the following topics:

1. Analysis of recent developments in the law or practice related to information rights issues.

2. Research or case studies on the implementation of information rights or records management issues in the practical context.

3. Analysis and case reviews of decisions of the Information Commissioner, Information Tribunal or the Courts.

Material for publication should be submitted to the Editor, Andrew Watson, School of Law, Northumbria University, City Campus East, Newcastle, NE1 or by e-mail to Submission by E-mail is preferred. When submitting articles for publication it would be helpful if authors could observe the following guidelines:

Form of Manuscript
All articles should be typed with double line spacing with a one inch margin on all sides. Articles should be no longer than 5000 words although longer articles will be considered at the Editor’s discretion.

Footnotes and References
Footnotes to sources should be numbered in one consecutive series of Arabic numerals and placed at the foot of the page. Footnote style must conform to the standards set forth in a Uniform System of Citation, published by Harvard Law Review Association. The publishers are unable to check the accuracy of references and the onus of the accuracy falls on the author.

It is the responsibility of the author to obtain any permission necessary to reproduce or quote from published work and suitable acknowledgment should always be made.

Important dates
Submissions are accepted throughout the year. The Journal is published twice yearly.

Contributors should note that all articles submitted for publication will be refereed by at least one member of the Editorial Board.

The Editorial Board consists of the following members:
Andrew Watson (Editor)
Professor John Angel, Chairman of the Information Tribunal
Jenny Carpenter, DEFRA
Philip Coppel, Barrister
Dr Henry Fitzhugh, Lay Member of the Information Tribunal
David Goldberg, deeJgee Research Consultancy
Ibrahim Hasan, Solicitor
Susan Healy, National Archives
Elizabeth Lomas, Researcher
Professor Julie Mcleod, Northumbria University
Phil Michaels, Friends of the Earth
Adrian Nuttall, Environment Agency
Timothy Pitt-Payne, Barrister
Alan Stead, Consultant
Richard Thomas, Information Commissioner
Marcus Turle, Partner, Field Fisher Waterhouse LLP
Susan Wolf, Northumbria University

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