Wednesday, January 06, 2010

5 years of Freedom of Information

A round-up of some of the media coverage of the 5th anniversary of the FOI acts coming into force.

Freedom of Information Act revelations recalled - The Journal 6/1/10

An Act designed to encourage transparency - The Journal 6/1/10

Freedom of Information: caught in the act - The Guardian 4/1/10

Freedom of Information: let the sunshine in - The Guardian editorial 30/12/09

Commons tops information shame league - FT 30/12/09


Openness is always the best policy - The Press and Journal 5/1/10

Data law's fifth year marked - Dundee Courier 5/1/10

The FoI rulings that left a mark on public life - The Herald 4/1/10 includes a video interview with Scottish Information Commissioner Kevin Dunion

Let's be clear on transparency - The Herald 4/1/10

Trusts targetted by data freedom chief
- The Herald 3/1/10

Ecosse interview: Kevin Dunion - The Sunday Times 3/1/10

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