Friday, March 26, 2010

ICO seeking comments on draft corporate plan 2010-2013

The Information Commissioner's Office is seeking comments on its draft corporate plan for 2010-13. The ICO's website states:
Our Draft Corporate Plan 2010-2013 outlines a three year view of what we need to do to deliver our mission and achieve our vision – upholding information rights in the public interest.

We are now seeking comments on our proposals to make sure we measure up to the expectations of our stakeholders. Please read the draft and if you wish e-mail comments to In particular we would like to know:
  • Do you think the roles the ICO will play - enforcer and educator - are the right ones? (page 6, 7)
  • Have we missed any key audiences out? (page 4, 5)
  • Are our priorities right? Is there anything that shouldn’t be in there? Is there anything we’ve missed out? (pages 8-14)
  • Do you think our plans for how we’re going to develop our workforce and direct the ICO are appropriate? (pages 15-17)
  • Do you think our timescales are realistic and appropriate (pages 18-22)
  • How would you measure our success? (page 23)
The consultation period will end on Friday 16 April 2010
 The draft corporate plan 2010-2013 can be downloaded here

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