Tuesday, March 15, 2011

BBC Interview with Lord Clark, author of the FOI white paper

The BBC's Daily Politics programme has interviewed Lord Clark of Windermere, author of the freedom of information white paper 'Your Right to Know', as part of a series of interviews, entitled Change Makers, with people who have radically changed Britain.
Lord Clark spoke to Susana Mendonça about how the act was brought in and claimed he was sorry about its impact on the reputation of parliament, but that it was the system and not the act that was to blame.
Lord Clark says the message given by the then Prime Minister Tony Blair in 1997 was "get this Freedom of Information [Act] up and running...we need it, we want it, I want it..."and he was surprised when Mr Blair said introducing the Act has been a mistake in his memoirs.

HT to the BBC's Martin Rosenbaum for this.

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