Thursday, September 27, 2012

FOI case law update, 28 November 2012

The Campaign for Freedom of Information's next course on 'Information Commissioner & Tribunal Decisions' will be in London on 28 November 2012.

This course, now in its 7th year, aims to help experienced FOI practitioners and others with a good working knowledge of the FOI Act keep abreast of new developments and is not an introduction to FOI. Its exact content is dependent on the decisions that have been issued during the previous six months, but typically covers issues such as:

  • "fair" and "unfair" disclosures of personal data; 
  • the FOI/EIR borderline; 
  • the application of specific exemptions including those for breach of confidence, commercial interests and legal professional privilege; 
  • where the public interest line is being drawn; 
  • and the cost limit, aggregating requests, invalid requests, advice & assistance and other administrative provisions. 
The course will be presented by Maurice Frankel, the Campaign's director, who has worked in the field for 28 years.

Significant discounts are available for more than one booking from the same organisation.

Further details here.

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