Friday, November 26, 2004

National Framework Agreement for FOIA IT Solutions

The Association of CHief Police Officers (ACPO) have selected 4 suppliers for the National Framework Agreement forsuppliers of approved IT solutions for the FOIA. The Ability to processrequests under other access regimes - DPA and EIR, for example - was also akey requirement of the Framework Agreement.

The 4 approved suppliers are:

Artemis Corporation -
BT Open Access
Geoff Smith Associates

The Framework Agreement generated as a result of this process will permit
public bodies, including local authorities, emergency services, the Home
Office, police etc to select a system from one of the successful companies
with no other procurement process required, just the submission of an
individual requirement document.

Public organisations will benefit from pre-agreed bulk discounts on these
IT solutions. In addition, organisations can benefit from also being able
to then claim back the discount value from Government, effectively doubling
this cost reduction, making this the most cost effective means to purchase
rigourously approved IT solutions for the Freedom of Information Act.

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