Friday, November 26, 2004

Transport for London forced to comply with publication scheme

Article in today's Guardain about the issue of publication of PPP contracts for the tube - TfL had listed these documents in their publication scheme, Heather Brooke asked for them in March but has still not received them. A complaint to the Information Commissioner has forced TfL to comply

Read the Guardian article
See Heather's web posting

You can also see the offending scheme at

The class entry in the scheme is reproduced below:

Legal - PPP Contracts
The three Public Private Partnership (PPP) Contracts between London Underground Limited (LUL) and Tube Lines Limited and Metronet Rail (BCV) Limited, and LUL and Metronet Rail (SSL) Limited for the maintenance and renewal of the Underground Network.

This information is not currently available as it has not yet been prepared for publication. It is intended for publication in January 2004 and will be available on the Transport for London website.
No charge will be made for providing this information.

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