Thursday, January 20, 2005

Housing and FOI

An interesting posting by Heather Brooke, on Your Right to Know about housing associations and registered social landlords (RSLs) not being covered by the FOIA. Heather suggests there will be pressure for them to be added. Heather provides some useful links for housing related public bodies who are covered by the FOIA, it is also worth noting that Housing Action Trusts are covered e.g HAT Liverpool

"Housing Action Trusts were introduced as part of the 1988 Housing Act with the aim of regenerating a local community by tackling an area’s social, economic and living conditions. They are non-departmental bodies, established after a successful ballot of residents, charged with the management of a defined area for a fixed period. Their responsibilities include:
• Developing and refurbishing homes
• Encouraging greater jobs and training opportunities for their residents
• Delivering a good housing management service
• Providing community initiatives and facilities to all sections of the local population"

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