Wednesday, February 02, 2005

HM Treasury : first FOI disclosures

The following documents have been released onto the HM Treasury website:
01/02/05 Appointment of Mervyn King as Governor of the Bank of England
01/02/05 Equitable life
01/02/05 Golden rule
01/02/05 Heavily Indebted Poor Countries (HIPC)
01/02/05 House price projections
01/02/05 PFI Jarvis
01/02/05 PFI rates of return
01/02/05 PFI table 19
01/02/05 Wanless Review
12/01/05 EU membership costs

Will assess these in more detail, on first glance - the PFI/Jarvis documents look interesting:

Subject: PFI Jarvis

Date of disclosure: 1 February 2005


Files covering the Treasury's discussions in July and August last year of contingency plans to cover the possibility of the PFI contractor Jarvis going bust including analysis undertaken by the Treasury of the issue, and any contingency plans put in place.


PDF file of documents containing relevant information includes:

Internal note, 22 July 2004
Submission, 23 July 2004
Letter inviting authorities to a meeting
Powerpoint slides of the presentation given by HMT and PUK at the meeting with authorities on 28 July
Notes of the group sessions with authorities
Letter to DfES and SE setting out contingency plan arrangements.
Draft note 28 July 2004 “Contingency plan: incentivising sub-contractors’ performance.”

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