Thursday, February 03, 2005

Seminar: How FoI Law Affects Suppliers to the Public Sector

E-Government Bulletin Seminar
Venue : RICS, Westminster
9 March 2005

The UK’s new Freedom of Information Act is designed to boost trust and openness in the public sector. But what are its implications for suppliers to the sector? Will commercially confidential information be revealed to competitors? How can sensitive information be protected when entering into supplier and partnership contracts? What do private sector employees working for public sector clients need to know about the new law, to ensure they help their clients with compliance? What opportunities does FoI provide for suppliers? What other implications are there for suppliers?

Our wide-ranging seminar will cover all these areas in a lively, incisive way and will be of interest for senior managers and marketing executives of all e-government and other public sector supplier companies

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