Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Academies and FOI

The Guardian- Mysterious benefactors What exactly are school sponsors for?
"Nor were they gained with the uplifting help of the ICT GNVQ (worth four GCSEs, but excluding maths and English) favoured by so many "rapidly improving schools". Although quite how many academies are improving in this way is vague since they are now apparently outside the Freedom of Information Act, so one can't ask questions about it."

Comment - Does anyone know what the situation is related to School academies? - looking at the FOIA2000 only maintained schools are subject to the Act. Academies would not fall under this category. Does anyone who works with the secondary sector know any plans to make them subject to the FOIA? I presume the DCA may be looking at this in their ongoing review of bodies not currently subject to the FOIA.....I have sent a query to DFES.....Steve

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Anonymous said...

This seems to be the case. I was told in the course of making an inquiry about plans for an academy in Kent. I was told by the director of education at Kent County Council that the authority need not have acceeded to my request but did so in the end. This seems a loophole that most certainly needs to be closed!

Paul Francis
Political Editor, The Kent Messenger Group