Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Media update

Financial Director - Brown's economic data under attack
"The Treasury’s refusal to reveal key data it has fed into the Economic Modelling Computer is being challenged by Birmingham Yardley Lib Dem MP John Hemming."

Glagow Evening Times - EURO jobs bid dismissed as 'sham'
"SNP researchers obtained confidential documents under the Freedom of Information Act that appear to show that the Glasgow bid was being used as a bargaining tool by Whitehall, with London officials keen to withdraw it in the hope that it would strengthen their own attempts for a European police centre in Hampshire."

FEnews - NATFHE Highlight New Funding Row
"NATFHE and the AUT recently used the Freedom of Information Act to reveal how the money to-date has been used. Evidence of wasted expenditure has since been forwarded on to a select committee who are set to quiz the Department for Education and Skills (DfES) on their past, present and future spending plans."

Guardian - MoD papers reveal Falklands nuclear fear
"British commanders sailed into the Falklands war deeply concerned that the Argentinians could capture their nuclear weapons, previously secret official papers reveal."

Scotsman - POLICE are paying out thousands to injured officers
"Figures released under the Freedom of Information Act reveal that Scottish
forces have paid out almost £5 million since 2000."

Daily Telegraph - £1M 'wasted' on health policy consultation
"OLR's £900,799 fee was revealed by the Department of Health following
a request made under the Freedom of Information Act."

The Register - Info Commissioner to crack down on FOI shirkers
"Dawn Monaghan, head of strategic support for FOI at the IC, is overseeing a review of the public sector's response to FOI laws introduced in January. The findings, she said, will be used to create a yardstick by which the IC will judge how seriously public sector organisations are taking their responsibilities toward freedom of information....Scheduled for publication in December, the review will determine what classes of information have been made available in the publication schemes of different types of organisation. It will be noted, for example, if hospitals in Cheshire typically publish the minutes of their chief executive's meetings, but hospitals in Kent do not. Those who fall short of the mark will be expected to have a good reason why they are withholding information from the public."

New Journal, a north London publication have been using the Act for many of their stories:






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