Thursday, January 05, 2006

New fees proposals?

Taken from The Times: Secret pay per view plans for Freedom Act files
"People will have to pay for information about their local schools, hospitals and councils under secret plans being considered by ministers, The Times has learnt."

Also see: Anger at freedom of information fees proposal

BBC news - Openness law 'facing fees review'

Ministers may be planning to amend the Fees Regulations by Statutory Instrument without amending the FOIA 2000

Background: DCA guidance on fees

Also see my previous postings on fees relating proposed charges in 2004:

-August 2004 post on minutes of fees working group

-2004 early Day motion

-Proposed charges May 2004

-Further documents from 2004


-The Guardian May 2004 - "Treasury accused as cost of information soars"

-Campaign for FOI on proposed charges in 2004

It is hard to comment in detail as these are just rumours at present, but I would caution against any changes to the fees regime too early into the fees regime and would point to the Irish experience as the example of the negative impact (70% reduction). I will post a more detailed response at a later date.

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