Friday, September 08, 2006

Australia: High Court decision on FOI Australia: High Court Sides with Bureaucrats, Rolling Back Right to Information
"The Australian High Court yesterday dealt a crushing blow to the country's 24-year-old Freedom of Information Law, setting a precedent that permits government bureaucrats to deny public requests for information on the basis of broad claims of potential harm."

Full text of the decision

Also see Sydney Morning Herald - High Court backs bracket creep secret
"The High Court has narrowly rejected a landmark appeal on Freedom of Information laws upholding the view of the Treasurer, Peter Costello, that it was not in the public interest to release documents about the First Home Owners Scheme and bracket creep.In a three to two majority, the court found no error in law when the Treasurer signed documents called conclusive certificates which state the release of the documents was not in the public interest. In what was widely regarded as the most important court test on Freedom of Information law since its inception 24 years ago."

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