Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Free software

Practitioner Adam Pope has a new website and new versions of the free software he has developed, that many practitioners have used and customised to their own needs. Adam offers the software for free under shareware principles but does ask for donations.

He offers two software tools

- The Information Auditor
"designed to allow you to conduct an inventory of your organisation's information assets and create a register of files and records you hold. Loaded with drop-down boxes and automated fields the Information Auditor will make your survey so much easier."


- The FOI Monitor
"designed to allow you to track your access to information requests with ease - even sending an email to alert staff when requests are nearing their due-by date. Loaded with drop-down boxes, template letters, reports compliant with the DCA and automated fields the FOI Monitor will make answering requests so much easier."

Both are MS Access based. Adam also provides help pages. His website also contains articles about FOI and records management.

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