Tuesday, September 26, 2006

CHRI launches new publication on Implementing Access to Information

The Commonwealth Human Rights Initiative (CHRI - www.humanrightsinitiative.org) has released its new publication on 'Implementing Access to Information - a practical guide to operationalising freedom of information laws'. The report sets out a step-by-step guide on how to overcome entrenched bureaucratic cultures of secrecy, inconsistent legislation, process and system constraints and a lack of understanding of the law by officials to ensure effective implementation of freedom of information laws.

The report is split into four sections setting out the four key areas of change required to ensure implementation in a correct and effective manner. These include:
-Entrenching a Culture of Openness
-Crafting a Supportive Legislative Regime
-Putting in Place Good Systems
-Monitoring Implementation.

Download the Report (PDF)

CHRI is releasing the report ahead of international Right to Know Day on 28 September, a day on which advocates of freedom of information from across the world will be celebrating the day by holding a number of awareness raising events.

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