Friday, September 22, 2006

Scottish parliament is open and trusted

Does devolution lead more trust and openess in politicians?

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"In the survey 49 per cent of respondents think that government is more open now that we have a Scottish Parliament, with 44 per cent agreeing that it gives Scottish people more power over important decisions affecting its future. However, 57 per cent agree with the proposition that the Parliament spends too much time debating issues over which it has no power."

In contrast: Recent findings from the Committee on Standards in Public Life (based at Westminster) - Survey of public attitudes towards conduct in public life found that "Views in Scotland are very similar to the national average, but fewer people in Northern Ireland would describe standards as very or quite high (35%) and 17% rate standards as very or quite low."

Other key findings from the Committee's survey:

As in 2004, people rate overall standards of conduct of public office-holders in moderately positive terms.

• Across Great Britain, fewer than half rate standards as very or quite high (45%), with 40% saying standards are neither high nor low, and 12% describe them as very or quite low.

• Only 27% of people think all or most Ministers or MPs tell the truth in practice and there is a significantly greater degree of doubt than in 2004 about Ministers and MPs taking bribes: the last survey found 80% saying few or no MPs take bribes and only 3% that they did not know. This survey found 21% saying “they don’t know” with the result that only 63% now say such abuse is rare. The shift in opinion was similar for government ministers.

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